Not all jobs are created equally. For an employment that is anything but the usual day-to-day routine, come to the most exclusive club in Baltimore—The Penthouse Club.

Exhilarating Careers

There’s nothing comparable to the careers available at The Penthouse Club. We offer positions that cover all aspects of Baltimore’s vibrant nightlife. Whether you are looking to become a member of our Key Staff or a Key Girl, our specialized team creates the refined atmosphere sought after by Baltimore professionals, pro-athletes, and visitors alike.

Key Staff

Our Key Staff members work within the club as bartenders, hostesses, and waitresses to keep the energy buzzing, the experience extravagant, and the guests excited. Working amidst Baltimore’s most exciting events and esteemed professionals, the Key Staff members are vital to The Penthouse Club. Baltimore visitors and locals feel instantly welcomed at our location, which is why it is of the utmost importance that our Key Staff is nothing but the best.

Key Girls

While our Key Staff is responsible for the energy inside of our club, we also have a team of Key Girls. This is a select group of Baltimore’s finest who travel throughout the area to promote our gentlemen’s clubs. As a Key Girl, you will also attend special events, work with our professional photographers, and more.

Contact The Penthouse Club

With us, you can be the star of the show. To learn more about becoming an essential part of Baltimore nightlife, contact us: