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At The Penthouse Club Baltimore, adult sophistication mixes with good old fashion fun. In other words, it’s the ideal venue to toast the remaining days of single life.

“The Baltimore Experience”

Hosting a bachelor party in Baltimore means you’re in for a treat. With head turning, curvaceous women and only top-notch bottles, you’ll be living your last single night in style. In Baltimore, bachelor party packages from The Penthouse Club make sure you receive exclusive treatment and have an unforgettable night.

“Great For Bachelors of All Types”

Our bachelor party packages are available to those with no wedding in sight. If you and your group simply desire a night of unadulterated revelry, The Penthouse Club is your destination. Whether you are a groom-to-be or a bona fide bachelor, you’ll feel like royalty as you skip the line and avoid the wait with our VIP entrance. Just call ahead and you’ll walk right through. At The Penthouse Club, we want your most exciting night to start as soon as possible. Our packages are perfect for all groups looking for a good time, not just bachelor parties.